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Forum Rules

Have Fun: Here at The Forumotion Network, we want you to have fun but we also need to have guidelines in order to cover ourselves and ensure that this community runs and operates smoothly.

Spamming/Trolling: Spamming and trolling will not be tolerated. Spamming and Trolling is defined as making off topic replies or threads that do not contribute to a thread or category or posting the same content multiple times.

Fighting/Arguing/Bashing: Please be aware that any fighting, arguing or basing that takes place will be punished with a warning as we do not tolerate it here. We ask that you show equal respect to all members. We know in debates that you can be passionate or disagree, this is fine as long as insults are not used.

Language: Please use English only on these forum as this is an English speaking community. Please also try to put minimal thought into your grammar as well as we do need to understand what you're saying in order to have a productive discussion or provide assistance. Please also avoid using entirely text language when on the forum as this can be confusing for members.

Personal Information: Please do not post any personal information on the forums such as phone numbers, addresses etc. If you ever do wish to share any personal information then please do so via private message.

Private Messaging: The use of private messaging is a privilege, not a right. If you are found to be abusing the private message system then you'll have this privilege removed. Currently you must have 1 post in order to private message, this is to prevent people spamming the private message system. We encourage members to report any people who abuse the private message system.

Hacks/Warez/: Hacks and Warez are not to be posted anywhere on this site. Mentioning hacks relating to video games is allowed but linking to them or posting material that contributes to hacking is not allowed. If anyone is found doing so then you can be subject to a serious warning/being banned from the community.

Sexual Content No sexual content should ever be posted on the forums. If you are found posting sexual content then you will be issued with a serious warning/being banned from the community.

Accounts: A member is only allowed one account. If you're found having of two or more accounts without good reason your second account will be banned and action may be taken on your first account. If you have problems accessing your primary account, please use the "contact" button found at the bottom of the forum board. Furthermore trying to access or impersonate other members will also lead to you being banned.

Signatures: Signatures will be allowed to members with 5+ posts. The reason for this rule is that members who are here only to spam will be caught out before they've made the necessary posts to acquire signatures. Any content that violates the other rules mentioned will be dealt with by removal of signature privileges. Please also avoid large images used in signatures.

Staff: Please respect all Staff Members decisions. Do not publicly question staff members decisions and if you think a staff member has made the wrong decision or you don't understand why then please contact them via private message. If you have any issue with a staff member please contact an administrator.

Plagiarism - (Can also be known as copyright) If you're going to show something or tell us something; that you supposedly are saying that is 'yours' you have to show proof that you did it. You can't claim someone elses Music, Designs, ideas, etc. If someone says or informs us that you stole someones idea or work, the thread/post will be automatically locked and you will be warned!

Thank you for taking the time to read our guidelines

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